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The First Ever ‘Metro Detroit Home Expo’ on May 21 was a Success

The first annual Metro Detroit Home Expo was May 21 at Joe Dumars’ Fieldhouse at the State Fairgrounds off 8 Mile Road. Check out the Metro Detroit Home Expo Flyer Here. They kept their promise that would not be your father’s home expo! The event  gathered the local home improvement and decor industry for one day under one roof to connect with homeowners, building owners, and investors working hard to rehab, improve, and happily dwell in the city.

 Since home extends beyond your front door and into your block, your neighborhood, your city, and region, the Expo included:
* Small Business vendors
* A Neighborhood Toolbox: a collection of community organizations, government agencies, and experts to connect homeowners to their neighborhoods and answer questions
* A Skilled Trades Job Fair: The Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation (DESC) assembled opportunities from local employers, unions, apprenticeships, and training programs
to address the growing shortage of skilled trade professionals, a huge demand for the trades, and staggering double digit unemployment in Southeast Michigan.

The Expo was sponsored by the 8 Mile Boulevard Association and Brick + Beam Detroit.

Eight Mile logo  Brick and Beam

Did you feel that? We are smack dab in the middle of a rehab and renovation boom and things are moving.   Over 4,000 houses were sold in Detroit alone last year. Everywhere you look, Southeastern Michigan is rolling up its sleeves and getting down to the business of revitalization. We’re not just fixing houses, we’re making homes. We’re not renovating buildings, we’re building our future.

The first annual Metro Detroit Home Expo was

Presented by RandRLogo in collaboration with TheHomeDepot and quicken-loans-SplitedLogo


The purpose of Electric City, Inc.’s events are to raise awareness of the dangerous aging electrical infrastructure in Michigan.

We are here to provide electrical fire hazard renovations and repairs to homeowners who need it the most.

Raising the funds to help combat electrical fires is a steep hill to climb but with the help of

individuals, businesses, and community leaders, we can battle this hazard and help the less fortunate to sleep well at night.

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