Plymouth, MI 48170


Every year, an average 544 homes in Michigan have a fire of electrical origin, and property damages costing over 10 million.

Faulty electrical wiring accounts for almost half of these fires, and electrical fire losses and fire death are significantly higher than non-electrical fires.  

Have you ever smelled something burning and didn’t know what it was, and went to sleep anyway?

Numerous homes in Michigan were built between 1950-59, and most have not had any electrical updates.

This aging infrastructure is a major safety concern and electrical fire risk.

We partner with local community organizations and unions, the government and larger companies to seek, evaluate and provide electrical upgrades by certified, licensed electricians to the aging infrastructure.

In Michigan, there are an estimated 637,914 disabled Veterans, over 14% of the population are disabled adults ages 18-64, and just over 200,000 families with incomes less than $24, 000 per year.

These men and women may be unaware that they are in danger of an electrical fire, do not know who to reach out to for electrical upgrades, and/or do not have the funds to make the appropriate upgrades.

They need resources to make the electrical renovations so they are safe in their homes, and this is the reason Electric City, Inc was founded.


Electric City — Making Electricity Safe.