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Lighthouse Program

Applications are not being accepted at this time. It is our goal to successfully pilot the Program and make it available to all of Wayne County, Michigan in the 2019. Please stay tuned.


Project Details

Location // Wayne County, Michigan

Organization  // Electric City, Inc

Type of Project // Free electrical fire hazard renovations

Target Market // disabled Veterans & adults, senior citizens, and economically challenged homeowners of Michigan

Target Number of Single Family Residences for Major Electrical Renovations // 30

Eligibility // Please see attached guidelines

Total project cost // $135,000


Project Overview

The Lighthouse Program will provide free electrical fire hazard renovations and repairs for eligible disabled Veterans & adults, senior citizens, and economically challenged homeowners in Wayne County, Michigan, and give deserving families peace of mind and safety in their homes.

Many homes in Michigan were built between 1950-59, and most have not had any electrical updates. This aging infrastructure is a major safety concern. From 2010-15, over 3,000 homes had a fire of electrical origin only with property damages costing just under $63 million, and several civilian injuries, including loss of life.

Faulty electrical wiring accounts for almost half of these fires, and electrical fire losses and fire death are significantly higher than non-electrical fires.

Per the US Census Bureau, there is a 71% home-ownership rate in Michigan with an estimated 181,419 disabled Veterans, over 1.4 million senior citizens, 1.1 million disabled adults ages 18-64, with 16.7% of the overall population being below poverty level.

These men and women may be unaware that they are in danger of an electrical fire, do not know who to reach out to for electrical upgrades, and/or do not have the funds to make the appropriate renovations. They need resources to make the electrical upgrades so they are safe in their homes with their families.

Through partnerships with government and non-government organizations and grant seeking efforts, Electric City, Inc. intends to provide its eligible target market with safe, free major electrical renovations in the Wayne County area.


Project Goals

  • Lower civilian injuries and death in home electrical fires
  • Lesson property dollar losses from electrical fires
  • Reduce residential electrical fires by 10% in the Program’s first year
  • Increase electrical fire risk awareness via partnerships with safety organizations
  • Provide deserving families peace of mind and safety in their homes
  • Educational opportunities created in collaboration with local and regional partners
  • On the job training for Veterans to complete the electrical fire hazard renovations
  • Create a replicable model and spread capacity so that similar work can prosper in communities across America


Project Description & Progress Update

The Project Lighthouse Program is currently in the pilot project phase with a specific focus on the city of Detroit, and plans to expand into all of Wayne County and eventually encompass the state of Michigan. The Program seeks eligible clients via referrals through partnerships with organizations that the Program’s target markets utilize (e.g. Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency; Wayne Metro Community Action Agency; Disability Network Wayne County-Detroit; the State of Michigan’s various depts including: Aging & Adult Services Agency; State Disability Assistance; and other assistance programs).

Once clients are identified and an application is completed, a licensed electrician visits the home to assess the electrical needs, and determine if a major renovation is needed. If imminent danger is present, they will be added to a work order for approval by Electric City, Inc’s Board of Directors. Once approved and funding permits, the electrical work will be scheduled to be completed by a licensed electrician. The client will also receive electrical safety fact sheets to help raise awareness of electrical dangers and keep their families safe.

Electric City, Inc. is seeking local and state government, corporate and private partnerships and funding in the amount of $1.25 million annually to keep families safe from electrical fires, reduce property dollar losses and increase electrical safety awareness.


Regional Impact

With hundreds of eligible clients receiving lifesaving, major electrical renovations, the occurrence of electrical fire and property dollar loss will be greatly reduced in Wayne County. Through our partnerships with government and non-government organizations, many more civilians will be educated on electrical safety.


Lighthouse Program Contact:

For more information or to support the Lighthouse Program project, please contact:

Melissa Rodriguez

Executive Director // Electric City, Inc


tel: 313-920-6468



Electric City, Inc

Mission Statement:
Electric City, Inc., a 501c3 organization, provides free electrical fire hazard renovations to disabled Veterans & adults, senior citizens, and economically challenged homeowners of Michigan.   

Vision Statement:
To partner with the United States government and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to insure electrical safety is a number one priority to every American coast to coast, by repairing the aging electrical infrastructure and helping to educate the general public of electrical fire risks.