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Images of Electrical Dangers

Below are a few of the common electrical dangers you should be aware of, which you may have encountered over the years.

Other Electrical fire risks include:

  • An outlet that sparks
  • Flickering lights
  • Odor of something burning
  • Feeling a mild shock or tingle when touching an appliance
  • Outlets or switches not working
  • Hot ceiling fixtures


Old fuse panel
Once a breaker becomes strained, it subsequently melts to the bus bar, becoming unable to adequately trip, and power continues to surge into the panel and associated circuits. This potential fire hazard causes a serious safety concern to a home and its occupants

Before-Vandalism - Detroit (Rosemont)Before - Garden City

Oxidization and arcing

Old fuse panel with water

Severe rust

Oxidization, fraying and arcing

Knob and tube wiring
knob and tube